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Hair tonics are a great addition to your hair grooming routine. The favoured hair styling product by our forefathers, @Reuzel has brought back the hair tonics and revamp its formula to suit the modern times. ⠀

A hair tonic offers various uses. It is able to revitalize your hairdo anytime of the day, offers great solution to remove those harder to wash out styling products. It also provides some natural looking sheen, helps to reduce scalp dryness and lastly, it adds on a nice fresh scent.⠀

The Reuzel Hair Tonic & Grooming Tonic provides these benefits in a handy bottle. The difference between the two is the slight viscosity of the Grooming Tonic.

We now stock @Reuzel products in our barbershop. Do let our barbers know if you would like to pick up one after your haircut with us

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