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Gift Set: Beard Wash + Serum

This Gift Set, includes 1 Beard Wash, 1 No-Rinse Beard Wash & 1 Beard Serum for $70.

Please allow 1 working week for delivery or 3 working days for pick up at our Barber’s.



Beard Wash
Maintaining beard hygiene is an overlooked aspect of male grooming. If you treasure your scruff, apply the Reuzel Clean & Fresh Beard Wash.

Just a few drops is needed to leave your beard soft and skin feeling smooth, thanks to its moisturising apricot oil. It also contains shea butter that promotes strong antioxidant activities. This protects your skin from premature aging.

No Rinse Beard Wash
Too busy – or erm, lazy – for a shower? Freshen up your beard with the Reuzel Clean & Fresh No Rinse Beard Wash. And yes, you read it right the first time, no rinsing required.

This product contains calendula extract that helps hydrate and soften your beard. Its apricot oil content also adds a refreshing touch to the whole grooming process.

Beard Serum
Want a full-looking beard? The Reuzel Clean & Fresh Beard Serum is the answer. This formula – full of Vitamin E and Argan oil – strengthens, softens and repairs your facial hair strands but still leaves your beard feeling weightless. Another cool fact: It makes for an excellent shaving oil, too!

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